About Rating Frames

Created by three cinephiles in Australia’s capital of the arts, Melbourne, this website is dedicated to everything film, showcasing the best that our city, our country and the world has to offer. Rating Frames covers the newest releases, favourites from years past and the latest buzz. With our eclectic tastes being as vast and varied as the industry itself, expect to see pictures from a range of cultures and genres.

Rating Frames strives to provide timely reviews and features whilst offering objective and unique criticism. We believe in the power of the written word and strive to publish considerate and thought-provoking pieces.

The Rating Frames Team

Arnel Duracak

Born in New Zealand and of Bosnian heritage, “Arnie” (as he is known to his friends) is a co-founder and editor of Rating Frames. He is a former RMIT Communications student who majored in Media studies, and also completed his Honours in Communications. He has also written for FilmInk, SYN Media, and RMIT Catalyst (where he was a Film/Music + Culture Editor); has interned for AACTA in their Awards Department; and is a member of the Australian Film Critics Association. Arnie is also obsessed with Sir Peter Jackson’s and Paul Thomas Anderson’s films. When he’s not watching films, you can find Arnie watching films.

Letterboxd: @arnel

Darcy Read

A former Media & Sound Design student at RMIT, Darcy fell deeply in love with film and the infinite possibilities of colliding imagery and sound on the big screen at an early age, with the film Once Upon a Time in the West being his gateway drug. He has written and hosted shows for SYN Media, as well as working on short films and documentaries in a range of areas. Darcy is a lover of slow, contemplative cinema, but can always be found at the front of the queue for the next Steven Soderbergh or Safdie brothers feature.

Letterboxd: @Redbeard7

Tom Parry

Since his reviews were first published by YO Bendigo as a teenager, Tom’s appreciation for movies has developed into a passion, and has seen him make contributions to the likes of The AU Review and RPP FM. He particularly made his presence felt at SYN Media, where he undertook the roles of Features Coordinator in 2018, Executive Producer of Art Smitten in 2019, and Radio Manager of the organisation’s FM frequency in 2020. Tom has a particular fondness for animation and action films, but is not averse to broadening his horizons when required.

Letterboxd: @popcorntom