Rating Frames is on Social Media!

Staying up-to-date with Rating Frames is now easier than ever. By giving us a Like on Facebook, or Following our official account on Twitter, you can keep informed about the latest articles on our website and, of course, share your thoughts with us.

Find our official Facebook page here: facebook.com/ratingframesAU

Find our official Twitter feed here: @ratingframes_AU

The three authors can also be found on Letterboxd, the cinephile’s social media network, where you can discover what they’ve watched, and the films they’re most looking forward to seeing.

Arnel’s profile: @arnel

Darcy’s profile: @redbeard7

Tom’s profile: @popcorntom

WordPress users can also follow us using their WordPress account. And for those who prefer to get their updates via email, we’ve got you covered too. On our homepage, scroll to the bottom where you can subscribe to receive email alerts whenever we post an article.

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